Mor How Elephants got their Trunk
Updated: 1/4/2021
Mor How Elephants got their Trunk

Storyboard Text

  • Once there was a curious elephant named Ellie, who was always asking questions. She had short stubby nose.
  • How the Elephant got its Trunk
  • That's not a question for a little elephant like you.
  • Aunt Ostrich, how did you get those tail feathers and I didn't?
  • Ellie, why do you care? Finish your dinner!
  • Mom, what do crocodiles eat for dinner?
  • Stay away from the crocodile, Ellie!
  • Why don't you ask the crocodile?
  • Parrot, what does a crocodile eat for dinner?
  • I will eat a young elephant for dinner!
  • The crocodile bit Ellie's nose and pulled it so it grew into a long trunk.
  • Crocodile, what do you eat for dinner?
  • Ellie loved her new trunk. From that day on all elephants had trunks not noses.
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