The Giver

Updated: 9/10/2021
The Giver

Storyboard Text

  • Hi! I'm Jonas, I'm twelve years old, and this is my family.
  • Hi! I'm Jonas' father.
  • Hi! I'm Jonas' mother.
  • Hi! I'm Lily, Jonas' sister.
  • Jonas you has been selected to become the next Receiver fo Memory!
  • Welcome to Ceremony of Twelve!
  • I'm a little nervous!
  • Jonas now I'm giving you something from the past.
  • I can see color!
  • This is a beautiful place!
  • This is Jonas' family. He and his family live in a world without emotions and color. At the haed there is the Assembly of Elders.
  • I have to save Gabriel!
  • In this world every student who are twelve years old must attend the Ceremony of Twelve. In this ceremony every student find out what job he will do for all life. Jonas is selected to became the new Receiver of Memory.
  • Gabriel this is snow.
  • Over time the old Receiver of Memory transmits to Jonas good things, like emotions such as love and happiness, about history before them. Besides Jonas started to see colors like red.
  • I passed the barrier, now everyone can feel emotions!
  • One day the old Receiver of Memory transmits to Jonas bad things about history, like war and dead. Jonas find that gabriel, a child who lived with him and his family for a year, was about to die. So Jonas decides to save him and to run away with Gabriel.
  • Jonas and Gabriel are looking for the barrier, the old Receiver of Memory has talk about, that can bring back memories and emotions.
  • Wow! This is beautiful
  • Now we have to find the barrier
  • Jonas passed the barrier and everyone can feel sentiments and emotions, and they can remember the history before them.