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Red Scare
Updated: 5/5/2020
Red Scare
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  • Americans were scared of two things the most during the Red Scare. The threat of a attack, and being accused of being a soviet spi
  • Scare
  • Extra. Extra. Read all about it. More and more people put in jail for being communist spies
  • You help the communists you do the time
  • Often if you were accused of being a communist or helping them you would lose your job and be put in jail
  • In 1950 The Rosanburgs were accused of giving the Soviets Information about the atom bomb and were put in jail, in 1953 they were both executed although it was never proven if they did actually give the USSR information
  • You will now be executed for giving atomic weapon information to the Soviets
  • Between 1950-1954 Joseph McCarthy became the most famous anticommunist, and the most powerful politician in America. Anyone that doubted him or he accused of being a communist would lose there job.
  • If i say you are a communist then YOU ARE A COMMUNIST, there is no argument
  • Americans prepared for possible Soviet attacks by building bunkers in basements and hiding under the desk in schools. This wouldn't help but it gave hope and a sense of safety.
  • I hope the Russians don't attack
  • The End
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