Kira Urbina Photosynthesis
Updated: 2/11/2020
Kira Urbina Photosynthesis

Storyboard Text

  • That process is called photosynthesis, honey
  • Grandma what do plants do with all the sunlight and water they collect?
  • Its the process of a growing plant. Which starts buy sunlight and water collecting.
  • what is photosynthesis?
  • Now that its raining the stomata can absorb the CO2 and release the excess oxygen.
  • OH! I remember that its a good thing plants are collecting water from the rain right now.
  • Then the guard cells can regulate the gas exchange and reduce the water loss.
  • Now the chloroplast can turn the light energy and water in to FOOD!
  • The good thing is now that it has food, but the xylem also helps it get more nutrients and water from the roots to help in case there are no more rainy days.
  • Glucose!
  • Grandma did you know from all the light,water and COS the also make a sugar called....
  • I Believe you answered your own question Honey.
  • AND lastly the phloem is the tissue that transports the organic compounds made during photosynthesis.
  • AND that was the process of our life THANK YOU!!