Updated: 2/4/2020
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  • act one scene four
  • if you want to be king you have to kill him
  • act two scene one
  • act three scene one
  • in these scene Lady Macbeth is trying to manipulate Macbeth into making him kill the king when in reality he dose not really want to kill him.
  • act four scene one
  • Before Macbeth kills the king he sees a ghost dagger, he try to reach for it but he could not get it. After seeing the ghost dagger Macbeth finally feels the guts to go ad kill the king.
  • act five scene one
  • After killing the king, he and lady Macbeth became queen and king of Scotland. that night he planed on killing Banquo and his son but his plan fails since the people that he send only kills Banquo and not both of them.
  • act five scene three
  • there are ten thousand man coming this way
  • start putting on my armor
  • The morning after his coronation as king and after killing Banquo Macbeth goes to see the witches so the can tell him his future little dose he know that the witches are planing on tricking him
  • the doctor and one of the handmaid are waiting for lady Macbeth they say that she has gone mad and she gon through many muders and she has bin troubled by that.she has be sleep walking and talking about everything that has happen.
  • she is asleep but her eys are open
  • Macbeth is in his castle when he is told that war is coming his way an that there are ten thousand english soldiers. Macbeth starts to get ready for the war. As he gets ready the doctor stars telling him what is going with his wife.
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