Unknown Story
Updated: 5/23/2020
Unknown Story

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  • that is unfair
  • At the being of the story the villagers start to gather around the town square for their tradition call "the lottery".
  • The story conflict is when Hutchinson realizes her husband is the villagers attention. The she sees that her husbands paper has a mark on it she starts to yell and say that's unfair that her husband didn't get the chance to pick the paper that he wanted.
  • the first round of the lottery was up and the entire family called up to the black box.Mr.summers puts five sips of paper into the box, including the one that Mrs. Hutchinson was holding the he got chosen.
  • Every member of the family has to pick a slip of paper from the box.Every paper is white expect for one, one witch has a black dot.
  • Tessie was surprised and started to scream the that was unfair and not right.All of the villagers started ti pick there stones and do a circule around her.the reason that they did it quick was because they want to lose there noon diner. 
  • As Tessie was screaming.one of the stones hits her on the side of her head.Old Man Warner with was the oldest man in the village urges the villagers to go upon Tessie with the stones.They end un killing Tessie