comic strip
Updated: 1/5/2021
comic strip

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  • welcome to trajans market, this were people shop for things and go to stores, this was the first mall
  • welcome to the colosseum, this is where there are contests with gladiators, the rich and poor enjoyed watching these contests
  • welcome to the insulae/ apartments,where most of the romans lived 
  • This is where the roman built 55,000 miles of roads
  • welcome to the pantheon, the best feature is the dome , and the pantheon is pretty big inside
  • wealthier families, boys and girls were tutored by there dads, or by slaves, until they were six, then the boys went to school when they got older.
  • welcome to school, in ancient rome,your education would have depended on the family you were born into. many poor children were sent to work, to learn how to trade
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