Samantha Russell A Christmas Carol Storyboard
Updated: 12/18/2019
Samantha Russell A Christmas Carol Storyboard
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  • "BAH-HUMBUG!!"
  • "Why won't you come, it will be fun"
  • Hello sir would you mind donating?"
  • "No, I don't donate"
  • "Donations, Donations!"
  • "Why? I don't see the point, I will always be the same"
  • "They will come at some point, three of them and they will attempt to make you a better person"
  • "This will be you and you will have this sad death if you don't change the way you act"
  • Scrooge gets invited to a Christmas dinner, he refuses it and thinks Christmas is silly and pointless.
  • I will change the way I am, I promise I will become a better person"
  • "Here I give you this nice turkey and a raise, Merry Christmas!!"
  • Scrooge is greedy, rude, careless, and just a mean person who doesn't realize it but it is affecting him and others of the way he acts.
  • "Thank you so much Mr. Scrooge, Merry Christmas to you too!!"
  • Marley's spirit visited Scrooge to warn him about three ghosts. The ghosts will visit him and try to make him a better person and if he doesn't go along with it he will have a very sad death where no one cares.
  • "I am so glad I made the decision to become a better person, today was great!"
  • After seeing the third ghost Scrooge decided to change the way he acts and to become a better person.
  • "I'M SORRY"
  • Scrooge is now a happier, nicer, caring person to everyone. He didn't realize it was Christmas, he goes through town giving donations, he sends a turkey to the Cratchit's house, gives Bob Cratchit a raise, and goes to Christmas dinner.
  • "God Bless us, everyone
  • After everything that happened Scrooge lives a long happy life.
  • "For the rest pf my life I will have all three spirits strive within me"
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