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Updated: 9/28/2020
Elements Storyboard
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  • !!!
  • That was a doozy, huh?
  • The setting, a house, seems to be strange and uncomfortable, yet oddly calm. As though the characters don't realize just how ominous their universe is. It makes you unsettled.
  • The theme is (forced) equality. The people in this setting are all being forced to be equal with these handicaps. The picture shows George, one of the characters, hearing a loud noise that scatters his thoughts, so he won't be as smart as anyone else.
  • The dialogue mainly shows us two things. George is not in an ideal situation with both his handicaps and yet he seems numb to it all, like it just doesn't matter anymore. Hazel seems totally oblivious, as if it's just not a problem. This is all shown through dialogue.
  • Like I said earlier, George and Hazel are very different personalities. Almost opposites. One is oblivious to the problems around her, thinking this is fine because she doesn't have a handicap. The other is numb to the constant pain he endures. They barely flinch as they see their son.
  • Harrison comes in, covered in ridiculous handicaps. The guy is 7 feet tall (at age 14?), yelling about being an emperor and disturbing the (creepy and weird) system they've built. I'd call that a conflict.
  • The irony is that despite their confidence, Harrison and the ballerina he picks to be his queen both end up dying. Considering the creepy dystopian world this takes place in, I don't know what they were expecting.
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