how to take care of the enviroment

Updated: 7/15/2021
how to take care of the enviroment

Storyboard Description

To take care of the planet, you have to follow the respective norms or rules such as reusing and using each bin respectively, such as not voting garbage, not wasting water and taking care of the country

Storyboard Text

  • hello have you heard about the enviroment?
  • 1rule do not vote the garbaje for that there are recycling bins help the contry
  • i am sorry 
  • i am sorry i did not know that it hurt the contry and the coat of osno thanks
  • do not do know that there will be a hole in the layer of osono
  • do not throw garbage 
  • take a look  at these newpapers if the boots can affect a little but can be recycled
  • we already help the city and now help her bye with pleasure janna