Updated: 1/28/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Lake (Liquid)
  • Clouds (Gas)
  • Ocean (Liquid)
  • Bill and his friend micheal were just chilling in the water. Than after a little bit. Micheal and bill evaporated up into the clouds.
  • animal(drinking)
  • Bill and Michael changed to a gas and evaporates to the clouds. "Where are we?" ask Bill. "I think we evaporated up into the clouds!" said Michael.
  • lake(liquid)
  • There's a huge storm! Micheal and Bill fall into the ocean as precipitation. "where are we now" micheal asked. " I think we precipitated into the ocean!!"
  • plants(liquid)
  • GULP! Larry the fish takes a sip of Bill and Michael! Larry swims from the ocean into the inlet. Larry had traveled from ocean to lake.
  • while Larry was swimming in the lake. Micheal and bill got spited out when Larry was drinking more water."thank god we are out of the fish" bill stated.
  • that night there had been anther rain storm. and so much of the rain came down that it flooded the lake with Bill and Micheal in it!! the lake had a runoff. and Micheal and Bill got absorbed up into the routes of the plants. "now we are in the routes of making plants" bill worded.