Salim the shoemaker

Updated: 8/1/2020
Salim the shoemaker

Storyboard Text

  • Hello shoemaker, I would like to order 3000 pairs of shoes, can you do it by Diwali?
  • Oh yes definitely I can but I would need an advance.
  • He asked the leather supplier to supply leathernow and promises to pay him later . And the other inputs he bought from the credit he took in the form of an advance, Salim got to work
  • Salim's hard work finally paid off and he was able to earn a tremendous profit from this deal. This wouldn't be possible had he not taken the initial credit.
  • Good job with the shoes Salim, well done.
  • Thank you sir.
  • Swapna, a hardworking farmer, grows groundnut on her small, 3 acre farm which is not enough for her to be self sufficient.So every season she borrows money from a moneylender for raw materials and pays it back after selling her harvest.
  • But one year, pests infect her field and destroy half her crop due to which she is not able to pay back the moneylender
  • I promise I'll pay it back next year Mr. Moneylender
  • I need my money by the end of the week
  • Hence in the end she is forced to sell her land to repay the money. Taking credit does increases her troubles.