Bacon's Rebellion
Updated: 11/5/2020
Bacon's Rebellion

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  • Okay. Long ago, in a town called Jamestown, there was a man named Nathaniel Bacon...
  • Would you like to hear the story of Bacon's Rebellion?
  • Yeah!
  • My name is Nathaniel Bacon Jr.!
  • I'm his cousin, the Governor of this town which is Jamestown!
  • One day these Natives cam and attacked
  • It kept continuing to happen and soon Bacon got fed up.
  • He was so outraged by this, that he and other indentured servants burned down Jamestown.
  • He fled, only to come back to find out that he had been accepted into the House of Burgesses.
  • After he arrived, he realized that he cousin, the Governor, tricked him and put him in jail.
  • His crewmates broke him out and drove the Governor out of the town
  • After he became the Governor, he sadly died that October.
  • The former Governor came back after the death and took back his position.
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