Hamilton and Jefferson Story board
Updated: 1/17/2021
Hamilton and Jefferson Story board

Storyboard Text

  • Jefferson, I'm appointing you as my Secretary of State. Hamilton you are my Secretary of Treasury.
  • I think the people should have more power than the central government.
  • Well I think the we should have a strong central government
  • No, it should be based on agriculture.
  • Our economy should be based on manufacturing and trade
  • The bank would give you too much power. I don't want to to be built!
  • Hamilton you don't have the votes to make a National Bank.
  • The National Bank would benefit all of America and help reduce debt
  • That seems like a fair deal. I will let you build the National Bank
  • I'll move the capitol to Virginia if you let me build the National bank.
  • President Washington, Hamilton and I have come up with a compromise. I will let Hamilton build the National Bank, and Hamilton will move the Capitol to the south.
  • Than It is settled. Hamilton you will get your National Bank and the capitol will be moved to the south.