Updated: 10/26/2020

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  • In an old building with an old crackity and small elevator that can barely fit 3 people
  • Martin is a small, scrawny, paranoid kid who doesn't like the elevator he thinks it's haunted or something
  • One time he goes in the elevator and a couple of floors down a big, fat, scary lady comes on. All she does is stare at him.
  • He worries about it but later that day he gets over it. But the next day she comes back.
  • He runs out of the elevator and scurries down the stairs, breaking his leg. when he gets home from the hospital his dad says that he is going to Mrs. Ullman's
  • He had to go to school that day and had no choice but to take the elevator. She takes him to his dad who tells him that he needs to be contained in an insane asylum to live the rest of his life in.
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