Updated: 7/7/2020
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  • Aponi-tolau god-hero of the Tingians wandered the plains and reached the seashore. Captured by the beautiful view, he made a raft and rowed seaward.
  • Wow, what a beautiful sight!
  • He came to the edge of the world and he saw a towering rock guarded by nine beautiful daughters of seaweeds playing around chasing one another and laughing.
  • Excuse me, May I ask what place is this?
  • The Maiden guard laughed and lured Aponitolau further inside the palace walls. This made Aponi-tolau very angry and hooked Humitau the youngest and most beautiful of them. The guards screamed and fled the gates while Aponitolau took the unconscious body of the sea-maiden, loaded it on his raft and rowed shoreward.
  • HELP!
  • Tau-mari-u the father of Humitau was in rage and ordered the waves and tunas of the sea to bring back the intruder. Alarmed, Aponi-tolau cried out to his mother. Lang-an send down strong winds to push Aponi-tolau, and he was able to reach the shore.
  • Mother help me please!
  • Tau-mai-u was furious, he called a meeting for the gods and demigods of the seas and agreed to punish the dwellers of the land for what Aponi-tolau had done. Lang-an knew about this and sent a warning to his son that he should go to the highest peak of the Cordillera Mountains for safety. The waves swept everything. Knowing she could no longer swim or live underwater, he begged his father to save her.
  • Father please save me.
  • Despite his anger, Tau-mai-u took pity upon his favorite Humitau. He called back the water and waves. But he promised that henceforth he would sink men's boats and drown passengers until Apono-tolau's crime appeased.
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