Updated: 2/14/2020
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  • when petruchio and Kate finally arrived he showed her in and asked her to sit down then he started shouting at his servants to grab water for his wife to wash her hands as the servant brung the water to the bed he spilled the water on the ground pertrucio got mad so then he slapped the servant around the head so that he dropped the bowl of water onto the ground.
  • Curtis brought a tray of meat that was perfectly cooked the smell of it made Kate extra hungry Kate reached out to grab a piece but then petrucio nocked it out of Curtis hands and screamed what is this im not letting my wife eat this Kate begged petrucio but he would not take it.
  • Petrucio said that its time for bed but Kate thought at least she would be able to sleep now but she was wrong Petrucio started telling her how happy he was to be married and how lovely she was hour after hour he kept going on and on in a loud voice clapping his hands and bouncing on the bed as he listed everything he loves about Kate.
  • Kate had given up on trying to make petruchio see sense instead she went to talk to the servants please give me something to eat she begged them oh no i cannot disobey my master said grumio maybe she could have a cows foot said Curtis theirs one in the kitchen oh yes please said Kate that would be perfect no no no a cows foot does not fit a lady grumio shouted but im hungry Kate screamed just at that moment petrucio came in i guess you are still a shrew after all and i guess you cant have these beautiful clothes coming for you
  • god your such a shrew said petrucio we cant let your father see us arguing
  • as they got out of the carriage outside baptists house they bumped into a stranger in a suit excuse me he said
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