Road to the revolution

Updated: 10/19/2020
Road to the revolution

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  • have you heard about the Navigation act
  • Navigation act, 1763
  • 1
  • Yes and I dint like it, I dont want to sell stuff only to Britain
  • Stamp act, 1765
  • 2
  • I dont want to pay for any taxes
  • 3
  • Quartering act, 1765
  • I wouldn't let you but for law i have to
  • Can stay in your house
  • colonist had to sell certain products for example sugar,tobacco and indigo but only to England or English colonies
  • Boston massacre, 1770
  • 4
  • Kill him
  • A stamp act was an act of the parliament from Great Britain witch imposed a direct tax to the British colonies
  • Intolerable / coercive act, 1774
  • 5
  • colonies will have some authority
  • The quartering act gave the soldiers a place to stay. If you are a colonies you have to let a soldier enter your house and not being able to say no
  • 2nd constitutional Congress, 1775
  • 6
  • The Boston massacre was a confrontation on march were soldiers kill colonies while being harassed by mod in Boston
  • No stop killing people
  • The intolerable act / coercive act was a package of five laws made by the British government and the purpose was to restore authority in the colonies
  • The second constitutional was a meeting of delegates from the thirteen colonies which united the american revolution war