Updated: 2/22/2021

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  • The princess thought for a moment about whether sexual harassment couldtake place between species, but her heart went out to the frog for hispredicament. She bent down and kissed the frog on the forehead. Instantlythe frog grew and changed. And there, standing in the water where the froghad been, was a man– middle-aged,vertically challenged, and losing a little bit of hair on top.
  • I'm sorry if this sounds a little classist,"but… what I mean to say is… don't sorcerers usually cast theirspells on princes?"
  • "Ordinarily, yes,but this time the target was just an innocentbusinessman. You see, I'm a real estate developer, and the sorcerer thought Iwas cheating him in a property-line dispute. So he invited me out for around of golf, and just as I was about to tee off, he transformed me. But mytime as a frog wasn't wasted, you know. I've gotten to know every squareinch of these woods, and I think it would be ideal for an officepark/condo/resort complex. The location's great and the numbers crunch  -perfectly! The bank wouldn't lend any money to a frog, but now that I'm inhuman form again, they'll be eating out of my hand. Oh, will that be sweet!And let me tell you, this is going to be a big project! Just drain the pond, cutdown about 80 percent of the trees, get easements for…"
  • The frog developer was cut short when the princess shoved her golden ballback into his mouth. She then pushed him back underwater and held himthere until he stopped thrashing. As she walked back to the castle, shemarveled at the number of good deeds that a person could do in just onemorning. And while someone might have noticed that the frog was gone, noone ever missed the real estate developer.