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refugee storyboard
Updated: 10/13/2019
refugee storyboard
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  • Character vs. Society
  • Character vs. Nature
  • Character vs. Self
  • In the first scene, a character vs. society example is shown. This is depictingpage 236 and 239 in the book Refugee where the U.S. won't let Josef and the MS St. Louis. The quotes in the text that represent this are "Why couldn't they just pull in to Miami and dock there? Why wouldn't the United States just let them in?", and "The United States has refused us, we are heading back to Europe.
  • Character vs. Character
  • Next, as an example for a character vs. nature example, Isabel is shown bailing water from her flooded boat on page 153. Frankly, she and her crew are at the mercy of the ocean the entire book, but this was a good example. In order to prove this part in the book, the text states "Rain lashed Isabel as she flooded water out of the boat."
  • Third, Mahmoud is displayed in a character vs. self scene on page 161. He forces himself to let go of his baby sister, giving her to a stranger, but saving his sister's life. "At least take my sister!" Mahmoud begged. "She's a baby. She wont take up any room!" proves this conflict in Refugee.
  • Lastly, as a character vs. character conflict example, Josef's dad, havingjumped overboard, fights with the policeman as he shouts "Let me die!". As Josef's father struggles, it becomes more and more clear to him that the Nazis destroyed his father. On page 183, the texts says "Far below him, already a couple hundred yards away from the ship, Josef's father thrashed crazily in the water."
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