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Updated: 9/20/2019
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  • Mmm... Oh! To be a girl just for one night.
  • NO! I said no!!!
  • What would you...
  • You aren't going to steal my goldfish!
  • Oh my GOD! I can't believe it an actual goldfish! Score!
  • Yoni was doing a short documentary. He would ask people about their three top wishes . One of his first interveiews was to a lady-killer, broad-shouldered man. He wished to be a girl, but only for one night.
  • Yoni went to a house were this man, Sergei, was very upset because Yoni wanted to enter his house and because he was filming him. He didn't wanted to be interviewed.
  • Oh God. What Sergei do now? Me scared. I should clean it and throw in ocean. At least my first two wishes... worth it.
  • Yoni enters and gets excited to see the goldfish. Sergei thought that Yoni wanted to steal the goldfish, so he proceeded to hit Yoni with a hot pan in the head; leaving him unconscious in the floor. Turns out the goldfish had powers and could grant three wishes.
  • I only want peace.
  • After Yoni gets hit, he starts loosing blood. The goldfish tries to convienvce Sergei to use his last wish, but he wasn't sure. Sergei wanted to use it for himself. The goldfish tells Sergei that it was all a misunderstanding because of his bad Hebrew.
  • Sergei starts remembering his last two wishes. The first one was saving his sister from lung cancer. The second one was helping Sveta's son who had a brain condition. He's thinking about what will he do with his last wish.
  • Yoni was thinking about Munir, the man he wanted to use for his promo. He only wished for peace, but the way he did it was touching.
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