r and j
Updated: 1/8/2020
r and j
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  • Act 2 scene 3Characters: Romeo, Friar Lawrence
  • "That thou consent to marry us today"(2.3.67-68).
  • "Is Rosaline, that thou didst love so dear,/so soon forsaken? Young men's love then lies/Not truly in their hearts, but in their eyes"(2.3.70-72).
  • Act 2 scene 4Characters: Romeo, Nurse, Peter
  • "But first let me tell you, if you/should lead her in a fool's paradise, as they say, it/were a very gross kind of behavior, as they say. For/the gentlewoman is young; and therefore, if you/should deal double with her, truly it were an ill thing to be offered to any gentlewomen, and very/weak dealing"(2.4.168-174).
  • "Come, come with me, and we will make short work,/For, by your leaves, you shall not stay alone/Till Holy Church incorporate two in one"(2.6.35-37).
  • Act 2 scene 6Characters: Romeo, Juliet, Friar Lawrence
  • "But my true love is grown to such excess/I cannot sum up sum of half my wealth"(2.6.33-34).
  • This moment is important because of the motif it contains. The motif is of true love. In this case it refers to the love Romeo used to have for Rosaline and the love he now has for Juliet. The Friar is saying how the love that young men often have is only based on looks which is not true love. One theme in this story is that love can tear people apart but bring some together.
  • This moment shows the love the Nurse has for Juliet. This shows the motif of true love because the Nurse is telling romeo that if he harms Juliet he will face consequences. The love the Nurse has for Juliet is true because they are so close. Even though this love is not the traditional love known in the story it is none the less a quote of true love that supports the motif. 
  • This moment is when the Friar is marring Romeo and Juliet. There love for eachother is so true that they are willing to get married even though their families are in war with each other. Knowing how the story ends can show that love brings people together like Romeo and Juliet and their families at the end but also tear the lovers apart.
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