Creation Myth

Updated: 9/15/2021
Creation Myth

Storyboard Text

  • I am World Maker. This will never suit my people, they need water. Rain for 33 days! I will also put a sun in the sky to warm this cold world.
  • My people need land to build villages on and create families. I will create mountains, grass and soil for farming, trees for air, animals for food, and a river so all people can have water. This will take 3 days.
  • I will take 13 days to add 3 of my humans to this world. They shall call themselves World Keepers. I will create a friend to guard them when I leave
  • ,I am World Maker, you will care for my world, thank me for what I've created for you and teach your people about me. I will provide 3 seeds, corn beans, and squash, and 2 more humans.
  • I am Soleil, sister of World Maker. I will rest in the sun and watch over this world
  • The sun smiles down, praise Soleil, our protector!
  • And that is the story of our people! Even today we still Praise Soleil and World Maker
  • Soleil still smiles down at us when the sun is out and chases the clouds away.