The Great Gatsby Storyboard: Main events
Updated: 6/8/2020
The Great Gatsby Storyboard: Main events
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  • Nick's discovery after an arrival to NY 
  • umm...really?!
  • Hey, my dude! How's it going?
  • Nick attented to his mysterious neighbor's epic party
  • hey, what's up? I'm marvelous
  • Daisy and Gatsby's reunion
  • - New York - -
  • Nick had moved to West Egg with a rented house surrounded by a desolate luxurious area. One night, he went to his married cousin's house, Daisy and Tom, to have a dinner, Nick is likely to describe Tom as racist and arrogant due to his attitude. One day, Nick and Tom were in a commuter train, Tom was suspicious, so he "followed [Tom] over a low white-washed railroad fenceand [they] walked back a hundred yards along the road", then Nick met Tom's mistress (Fitzgerald 26).
  • The bad blood initiated between Gatsby and Tom
  • shE nevER lOVEd yOU~
  • Randomly, Nick got a surprising invitation from Gatsby's butler to attend to his luxurious party. As Nick wandered around the party, he heard variety of rumors about Gatsby with different perspectives from the party-poopers. All of a sudden, Jordan was called by a butler telling her that "Mr.Gatsby would like to speak to [her] alone" (Fitzgerald 55).
  • Ms. Myrtle's death by the clumsy accident
  • Gatsby's request through Jordan for asking Nick to arrange a tea gathering between him and Daisy was a success. The atmosphere was black-out at first, but they slowly reconciled after. It's been "almost five years! No amount of fire or freshness can challenge what a man will store up in his ghostly heart", they celebrated through dancing leaving Nick alone afterward (Fitzgerald 102).
  • Gatsby's tragic death & Funeral
  • Nick made his way to have lunch at Daisy's house, unexpectedly, Gatsby and Jordan were there as well. Later, Tom took Gatsby's suggestion by going to New York together. Things got worst, Tom started to pick on Gatsby, and Gatsby decided to tell Tom that Daisy " never loved [him]" (Fitzgerald 138).
  • yOU'rE iNSaNe!!!
  • After a whole commotion between Tom and Gatsby, Daisy was burisingly sad and speechless. So, she left with Gatsby by Tom's car like earlier, on their way to home, Ms. Wilson popped out of nowhere "into the dusk, waving herhands and shouting" with an assumption that Tom was driving the car. Daisy was startled and accidentally hit Myrtle (Fitzgerald 146).
  • A day after the accident, the night was sleepless to Wilson since he aprehensibly trying to figure out the real criminal. With a held of ideas thinking that "God knows what you’ve been doing, everything you’ve been doing", he first thought that Tom hit Myrtle, but noticed that Tom just arrived with Nick and Jordan with another car. So, he rushed out to Gatsby's house and found him floating on the water, then, Wilson shot Gatsby, later he tragically shot himself (Fitzgerald 170).
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