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Sea Perils and Defeat
Updated: 10/31/2019
Sea Perils and Defeat
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Storyboard Text

  • Scylla is warning Odysseus and his crew about the sirens.
  • listen with care to this, now, and a god will arm your mind. square in your ship's path are sirens, crying beauty to bewitch men by coasting by; woe to the innocent who hears that sound!(1230)
  • Odysseus and his crew set out for the dead,. they arrive and find the place to which Circe has directed them.(1228)
  • odysseus and his men are sailing from the underworld.
  • odysseus and his men prepare for the sirens by tying odysseus to the mast and putting wax in their ears.
  • sirens are singing to odysseus and his men.
  • untie me! untie me!(1234)
  • Odysseus tries to persuade his men to bypass Thrinacia, the island of the sun god Helios, but they insist on landing.
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