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World War 1 Storyboard
Updated: 12/10/2018
World War 1 Storyboard
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Storyboard Text

  • SPARK for World War One
  • Lusitania and Zimmerman Telegram
  • Alliances
  • Assasination of Arch Duke Ferdinand in Europe: Arch Duke Ferdinand was assasinated by serbian nationalists called "the balck hands". Arch Duke Ferdinand and his wife was touring the city in an open car when suprisingly the nationalists threw the bomb byt rolled off the back of the car. Then the driver of the car took the wrong turn and there he and his wife were shot by the "black hand" nationalist.
  • New Tech./Trench Warfare
  • The sinking of the Lusitania and the Zimmerman telegram were the main direct cause of the US getting involved. The sinking of the Lusitania killed about 128 Americans on board the passenger ship to Ireland. The Zimmerman telegram was captured by ritaian and they told America Germany was coming for them so American got invoved and made an alliance with Britisan/France.
  • The Armistice
  • Germany Surrenders!
  • The alliance system was one of the main causes of WW1. The alliance system is when countries or nations join together to help each other. There were two groups the central powers and the allied. COuntries in the central powers were Germany, Austria Hungary, Italy, and Turkey. Coun tries in the allied powers were Russia, France, Great Britian, and the US. 
  • The Treaty Of Paris
  • PEACE!!
  • New Technology sparng up in WW1 and trench warfare was very big part of it. During Trench Warfare people were getting seriously imjured (frostbite,lice, unexpected bombs). New technology such as tanks, mustard gas, and other excelled weapons expnaded an armys militiralism.
  • The armistice occured on November 11, 1918 at 5am. The allied powers and central powers signed and the war came to an end. Fighting was no longer on land, sea, or in air. 
  • The Treaty of Paris ended the American revolution. Wilson's 14 points was a plan to make world peace and end any future wars. The league of nations wa sthe first interantional organization for people to go and dispute their thoughts. Many people did not agree with this and it just started more wars. Germany was blammed for the war and they had to pay big money for how angry france and britian were. Germany was the one blammed for the start of the war.
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