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Unknown Story
Updated: 4/23/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Action: Boy is sitting alone in the alley, looking aroundMusic: eerie, suspenseful musicCamera: Wide shot
  • Action:Lucy sees the boy and slowly approaches himAudio:The boy's monologue, thinking who the woman was, soft eerie music in the backgroundCamera shot: Close up shots of both characters(back and forth)
  • Action:Lucy holds out her handAudio: Dialogue:Lucy asks the boy to go on a walk with her, the boy says its getting dark but in the end agrees Camera: over-the-shoulder shot
  • Action: they are walking and sits downAudio: Dialogue: The boy want to go home, Lucy refusesCamera: Two-shot
  • Action: they sat down and the boy slowly drifts asleepAudio: Lucy's soft singing and the wind blowing, leaf rustlingCamera; Mid-shot, then cutaway shot to Van Helsing and Seward hiding
  • Action: Lucy was about to bite down when Van Helsing and Seward jumps out, holding a crucifixAudio:Dramatic music when Lucy as about to bite down, shouting from Van Helsing and Lucy hissingCamera: Mid shot
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