The Helpful Girl

Updated: 10/26/2021
The Helpful Girl

Storyboard Text

  • SAYS
  • "My name is Alice"
  • "What is your name"
  • Lucy thought that her and Alice would be good friends and can both benefit from each other
  • Lucy love to meet new people and get to know more about her. This also shows that she does not only want to be friends with people of her level but with people of any shape and size.
  • "I have changed to become someone better............
  • This shows that Lucy would help her friends with their problems and wishes too rather than focusing on herself and being self-absorbed
  • Looks
  • Lucy helped Alice with her dream of becoming more like a princess. This shows that Lucy is helpful, kind and friendly
  • Lucy was giving a speech about how she has changed to become a better person and that she has learned from her mistakes. This shows that Lucy is a very generous person that learns from her mistakes rather than ignoring them
  • Lucy always wore long, sparkly dresses at all times
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