Unknown Story
Updated: 3/16/2021
Unknown Story

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  • "He should be here soon."
  • "When will Cedar be here?"
  • The first night with Cedar.
  • "I see him!"
  • "Oh you are so cute! Let's go play!"
  • "Hi Cedar!"
  • 1. I was waiting all morning for Cedar to arrive. (wide shot)
  • "Aww! You are so cute!"
  • It's getting a little late, let's bring Cedar upstairs.
  • 2. After lots of waiting, I finally see the guy delivering Cedar. (wide shot)
  • "Time for bed Cedar!"
  • 3. The guy delivering Cedar brings him in, and I instantly love him. (wide shot)
  • "Time for bed Cedar and Colton.."
  • 4. We go right to the family room, and I start playing with Cedar. (wide shot)
  • 5. It gets late, and we bring Cedar upstairs. (back shot)
  • 6. Cedar slept like a baby, and didn't wake up much. (close up)