Unknown Story

Updated: 3/23/2021
Unknown Story

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  • expoition
  • inciting incident
  • rising action
  • As Rainsford and his friend Whitney are going to hunt jaguar, night had came everybody had went to sleep. But Rainsford stayed up a shot from shipwreck island startled him so he fell of and tried to signal the boat but ended up swiming to the island.
  • climax
  • After he swam to shore he went to the house and knocked on the door only to see thee giant Ivan. Then Zaroff comes down and sees Rainsford, Zaroff immediately knows who it was. Then Rainsford finds out what Zaroffs most dangerous game is.
  • falling action
  • Zaroff decided he wants the best of the best to hunt and knowing that Rainsford was a hunter he thought this would be the hardest yet. While on the hunt Rainsford hides in many different places and makes lots of traps.
  • resolution
  • Rainsford runs towards an edge and he looks back and see that he killed Ivan. Once he seen that he killed Ivan he stumbled then gets back up and he jumps off the cliff into the water and starts to swim.
  • when Zaroff walks into his bedroom he is surprised to find Rainsford. Then they would later have a fight for who is dog food and who will sleep in the bed.
  • Rainsford sleeps in the generals bed