Perimeter story

Updated: 10/2/2021
Perimeter story

Storyboard Description

Arnav Bhardwaj

Storyboard Text

  • Hi uncle Sam ! You look worried. Anything bothering you ?
  • Hi George ! You are right. My doctor has advised me to run everyday to avoid health complications.
  • How can i help you?
  • Do you know any field near by where i can run around 100 m?
  • Ofcourse i can help you . Just look on your left .
  • Here it is .the length of this basket ball court is 35 m and breath is 15 meters. So the peremeter of this field should be ……..
  • 100 m … wow ,! I cant believe i have exactly 100 m to run everyday .thanks a lot George
  • Uncle Sam !! Seeing you after a month .seems you have been running regulary 100 m everyday.
  • Of course ! I have lost 5 kgs . Thanks for your spot on 100 m spot.
  • Oh hi i saw you earlier you were in a rush were you going some where