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The World on the Turtle's Back #1
Updated: 4/28/2020
The World on the Turtle's Back #1
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  • From the mother's grave grew the plants which the people still use. From her head grew the corn, the beans, and the squash “our supporters, the three sisters.” And from her heart grew the sacred tobacco, which the people still use in the ceremonies and by whose upward floating smoke they send thanks.
  • Crash! Thunder!
  • Strangely enough, the grandmother favored the left-handed twin. The right-handed twin was angry, and he grew angrier as he thought how his brother had killed their mother. The right-handed twin was the one who did everything just as he should. The left-handed twin was the exact opposite.
  • But Grandma...
  • Stop being a bother to your brother.
  • No buts.
  • The twins had creative powers. They took clay and modeled it into animals (and the right-handed twin made human), and they gave these animals life. And in this they contended with one another. The right-handed twin made berries and fruits of other kinds for his creatures to live on. Meanwhile, the left-handed twin made briars and poison ivy, and other poisonous plants.
  • And so the twins grew up, and still contested with each other. On the very last day of their duel, the right-handed twin had won. The left-handed twin died, but died and he didn't die. That night, he met his grandmother in anguish. She accused him of murdering his brother. This frustrated him, and he grabbed her by the throat and cut her head off. Her body he threw into the ocean, and her head, into the sky.
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