Updated: 12/2/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Hailsham is a boarding school where children go, they do not know right away but their purpose in life is to donate organs.
  • Ruth: We go to Hailsham, sort of like a boarding school
  • Kathy: These are the main characters for the majority of the book
  • Tommy: I do not exactly fit in but later in the book Ruth claims me so I guess that helps.
  • Kathy: I have always liked tommy, even when we were at Hailsham. I have always had a connection.
  • Ruth is power hungry and will do anything to keep power. Ruth is very self serving. Kathy does not stand up to her much. Ruth is very immature and mean.
  • Ruth:When I was younger at Hailsham I made fun of tommy, but as we got older I claimed him as my boyfriend to keep him from Kathy
  • Artwork is very hyped up at Hailsham. it is very important that the students are creative. Tommy is not creative which makes him a target for bullying.
  • Kathy: Why does she always take our artwork away?
  • Ruth: I think she takes it away to sell it
  • Tommy: I can not draw and create well but someone said I did not have to create
  • The Cottages is basically the same idea as College for the Hailsham kids. Way less supervision. Many veterans sleep with Kathy. Ruth becomes very claiming of Tommy.
  • Ruth: You know tommy does not like people who sleep around, just thought you show know
  • Kathy: I told you that in confidence. I can not help my urges
  • Ruth ends up being an organ donor and Kathy ends up being a carer. Kathy cares for Ruth. Ruth is in a very nice recovery room that is clean.
  • Tommy also ends up being an organ donor. His recovery room on the other hand seems very sketchy, unclean and overall trashy.