French Revolution Comic Strip Pt.1 Rishi Agarwal
Updated: 3/10/2020
French Revolution Comic Strip Pt.1 Rishi Agarwal
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  • King Louis XIV had so much lavish spending that he left France in such debt.
  • The poor harvest doesn't help us either! Franc is in such a poor state this is outrageous!
  • He has so many weaknesses too. He cannot successfully answered the fiscal problems of France. He also is not decisive and did not support the reformers trying to improve the country.
  • The Absolute Monarch King Louis XVI isn't much better. He didn't even listen to the advice of J. Necker. 
  • I am part of the first estate! Most of us are only from the high clergy.
  • I am part of third estate. We are the ones at a the most disadvantage at this system. We also are the only ones that pay taxes. We are consisted of the rest of the population.
  • I am part of the second estate. We are high government officials. Neither we or the first class have to pay taxes.
  • Did you hear about the Tennis Court Oath? The National Assembly, consisted of mostly the third estate, feared that they would get shut down by the kin. So, they moved to an indoor tennis court. They then took the Tennis Court Oath, which means that they promised to always meet under any circumstances until they have a just constitution.
  • That's crazy!
  • People even stormed the Bastille! The Bastille is a Paris prison that people raided once they heard rumors about King Louis coming to attack Paris. They needed guns and gunpowder, so they stormed the Bastille and overwhelmed the guards.
  • The Bastille is symbolic of the oppressive rule of the monarchy, so the storming of the Bastille symbolizes the people overthrowing the oppressive monarchy.
  • Many people, called Emigres and are mostly aristocrats, started to flee France during the Revolution. They left in fear of their lives.
  • Their impact is that after the Revolution they greatly impacted the culture of France.
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