Gaby's 3Bs comic
Updated: 1/12/2021
Gaby's 3Bs comic

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  • I got a letter of from the new kid. It has a few questions about the 3Bs rules.
  • Hey," thomas, wait up I have something to tell you.
  • date: 1/4/2021
  • KDA Safe respectful responsible rules
  • Oh hey Jake.
  • By : Gaby Z
  • Let's find out why it is important that these rules exist!
  • The first question is ,,why is it important to be safe?
  • Well that is easy, it is important because if we are not safe every one will get hurt and tricked via scam. Here is an example.
  • Question two is, Why is it important to be respectful.
  • That is an important rule because if we are all mean everyone will be sad and that is not fun. Example...
  • Alright the final question is why is it important it be responsible.
  • Hmmmm, That is probably the most important rule right now because the school trusts you do do your work and get on zoom.
  • What!!! Sorry we thought it was friday!
  • Alright I am finished I am goin... what it is saturday.
  • What are you guys doing here, its saturday!!!
  • Made By Gabriel Z
  • The End
  • Made for the KDA school. ( the chargers)
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