Provincial Government
Updated: 2/11/2020
Provincial Government
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  • A Constituency
  • Hi everyone, i'm the elected MLA for the north side of Red Deer.
  • Understanding Of A MLA
  • What will happen with our taxes now?
  • Taxes will stay the same and we will build the recreational centre very soon
  • When you guys going to build a recreational centre?
  • Legislative Assembly
  • A constitency is ran by one elected representative, there are 87 constituencies, each constituency has one elected MLA to run the constituency. The Bigger constituencies are usually rural areas and the smaller ones are usually in bigger citys like Edmonton, and in just one constituency there could be 30,000-40,000 people in one Edmonton constituency.
  • Polictical Party's
  • Yes, I agree
  • Do you agree or disagree with this idea, i was thinking about maybe buying more equipment for the oil riggs what do you think of that.
  • An MLA stands for member of legislative, The citizens of Alberta are the ones that elect the new MLA's, There is an election every four years. The MLA's work for the people and listen, meet and talk with the citizens to hear there ideas. To be able to vote in the provincial election you have to be 18 and over with an ID to be able to vote in this election.
  • Cabinet Minister
  • What services would you guys like to approve on to make the people happy?
  • The legislative is located in Edmonton, all 87 members go to the legislative to discusse about city services, bills. To make a meeting at legislative assembly you need a mace, speaker, government MLA's,oppistion MLA's, public gallery and a media gallery. The mace is the one that sits inbetween both of the MLA's, beside mace is the government.
  • Lieutenant Governor
  • I was thinking about adding about approving the law of bars being closed after 11pm, what do you think i sould do?
  • A polictical party is a group of people that have the same ideas and how to run the province. The party that has the most votes will win the election and run the province. The parties that didn't win are called the opposition an they win dabate on each others ideas.
  • A cabinet minister is the one who is responsiable for ministies or departments. A ministrie or a department is a section of the government that has to make sure that people have services. When the cabinet minister and the premeir get together they are now called the executive council, executive council usually holds regular meetings to discusse about issues in our province and trying to make the services as best as they can be.
  • I would honestly like to improve on sewer controll because the sewers are flooding a lot.
  • Hmm, i think i would like to improve the road services.
  • A leiutenant governor is not elected but picked by the governor general of Canada. The leitenant governor can not be in a political party and cannot make any changes to a political party. A leitenant governor can start a meeting and end a meeting, before beggining the meeting the leitenant will give out a speech. If the leitenant governor approves of the law, the law will be a new law in alberta.
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