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Updated: 11/21/2019
sgh ksjg
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  • Hello, My name is Adam and I will tell you the about of Odysseus's heroic adventures. In my eyes the great odysseus is in fact a hero
  • The Kings Coming By Adam K
  • To me a hero is someone who is a leader who is selfless and a good role model for others to all achieve a common goal. Examples of heros are Superman, Harry Potter, Captain America
  • Hello, my name is Odysseus and I am the king of Ithaca and I fought and won the trojan war. It was my plan to use the horse to kill the trojans. I am a hero because I won the war for Menelaus. Another reason why I am a hero is because when my loyal friend asked me to help in war, and I did and I had to leave Ithaca and my family.
  • When me and my men encounter the this strange island for food and water. The people living there were addicted to this plant called lotus and my men got hooked on it. I had to pull them from the island so they could return to there families. I am for this and also being loyal to my home land and taking them away to return home
  • I have been away from home for 20 years now and I have came home to find 100 young men trying to take my rule as king and my wife. I am a hero in this situation because i can back and killed all of those 100 men and saved my wife. Another reason why I am a hero is I restored peace in Ithaca by restoring peace to my kingdom.
  • I do have to admit I have not been a hero all the time. Like when me and my men encountered the giant cyclops named Polyphemus son of Poseidon. I invaded his house and was a bad guest which upset Zeus and allowed 6 of my 12 greatest men to die. But I am still a hero because I won a war, saved my men, and saved my wife and kingdom.
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