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Updated: 3/16/2021
Unknown Story

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  • hmmm. i wonder ere my ship went. And why am i sitting on earth
  • STILL CANT FIND IT, i think i whent a little farther then the stratosphere...
  • Auguste Piccard Auguste Picccard is a famos explorer and very inportant to life today but not many people have heard of him. This man is the first man in history to reach the stratosphere! Now, when i say that you would think that he would have done it in a fance spacecraft, to you i would say WRONG. actualy he had this blimp looking thing that he flew in to the atmosphere. You might say that thats not that big of a deal, BUT IT IS! Without pirccard, i dont think that man would have ever evern considerd going to the moon. We all ow him a thanks.