Unknown Story
Updated: 5/8/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Karrena home.
  • Jace and Karrena watching T.V.
  • Karrena is going to cook dinner for her and Jace.
  • Karrena home, her and her son Jace just got home from work.
  • Jace alarmed by his mom yelling.
  • Karrena has fell asleep after a long day of work she a real estate agent.
  • The house caught on fire.
  • Karrena is crying because the pan has caught on fire.
  • The firefighters arrived on the scene.
  • Jace was taking a nap while his was his mother was cooking dinner till he was alarmed by her screaming and crying,
  • Karrena and her son Jace crying because the whole house caught on fire so the called 911.
  • The firefighters arrived and put the fire out.