Norse Mythology
Updated: 3/3/2021
Norse Mythology

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  • OdinOdin is the God of poetry, the dead, and magic. He is described as having an outward appearance. He is old, has a flowing beard, and is tall. Others treat Odin with lots of respect because of how wise he is said to be, and they believed he was heavily. Odin was one of the strongest between the asgardian gods. His strength is outstanding. Odin's weakness is that in order to obtain his great strength, he had only sleep once a year, and during his sleep become mortal.
  • ThorThor is a big, strong, red-haired man. He is by far the strongest of the Gods. Thor is straightforward, and good-natured. The viking people worshiped and revered Thor for protection. Thor has several strengths lie his strength and his might. Some of his weaknesses are that he can jump to conclusions too easily or be very reckless. He normally assumes that Loki is behind the bad, which normally he is.
  • Loki In Mythology, we don't really get much into Loki's appearance.We are told that he is very handsome. I personally picture him as having black hair and green eyes. Loki is very smart and can be deceiving, causing a lot of people not to like him, people are also scared of him. He is also a trickster who had the ability to change his sex and shape by choice. Like Odin though, he can make bad decisions, and can be reckless which are some of Loki's weaknesses.