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Updated: 2/18/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Federalists Party
  • We want more power for the government and better industry and trade.
  • Democratic-Republican Party
  • the Federal Government has too much power.
  • Adams
  • I like Adams
  • I do not like Adams
  • The Federalists party wanted a strong Federal government that supported industry and trade fro the Federal Government.
  • XYZ Affair
  • We want a treaty with france.
  • We want a 250,000 dollar bribe and a 12 million dollar loan.
  • They wanted to limit the federal governments power.
  • Adams expanded Navy
  • I believe there will be another war soon so I am expanding the Navy
  • Why did people say he was unquited as President? The farmers liked him but the business men didn't.
  • French and American ships fight in Caribbean
  • The XYZ affair was that the US wanted a treaty with France. The US sent one man and french sent three men who they called x, y, and z.The French asked for a 250,000 dollar bride and a 12 million dollar loan. Before they would talk to them and the us said no.
  • No way were not giving you that.
  • In 1775 Adams declared a congress meeting. They decided to make the yaying siege a continental army. The general that led the army was George Washington.
  • The Quasi War was a war between the United States and France. It turned into ending the XYZ affair and the french changed its politics.