I sure hope nothing BAD happens.
Updated: 12/9/2020
I sure hope nothing BAD happens.

Storyboard Text

  • Imagine not having a clear air couldn't be us
  • But it's not like Rome will fall because of that. Right?
  • But we don't have a clear air
  • Why do us in the west have to pay for the east?
  • I don't know hopefully it doesn't put Rome at a BAD spot.
  • That seems like it could cause PROBLEMS in the future.
  • I love the aquadects they give us water.
  • Did you not here Rome is losing money because we stopped conquering peopleSo we can't use aquadect.
  • The roman goverment is stupid my city state leader is far better
  • Yeah but to work something BAD has to happen.
  • No mine city state leader is better! Rome sucks wish are city states could be independant.
  • We have so many slaves be a shame if they over populated us.
  • We must beat the invading huns hopefully we don't Struggle a bit.;
  • And I hope Rome doesn't have problems because of the Huns