Context Scenario 2

Updated: 10/5/2021
Context Scenario 2

Storyboard Text

  • Winter break is nearing so Ana wants to go on a trip to Colorado to experience skiing, and feel the cold of winter as opposed to the warm weather in California
  • So Ana searches online for places to stay at the resort and realizes all the nice places are bigger cabins meant for more than one person
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  • Decides to try an app to meet people with similar interests such as traveling. On the app there is a section where she can choose a popular vacation spot and other people with common interests can connect and form a group
  • >>Travel>>C>>Vacation Spots Cairo California Canadian Rockies Colorado
  • Once the max amount of people is reached it forms a group chat on the app to allow them to text each other and get to know each other better
  • Hi uuus9e iiwn kdje
  • uieh yhie 98rhf osuru fj r uhuhs
  • kjsbkgkbs hsiefw4u iuet wuseth s suthes
  • ooe Hfls0 Colorado fuhie oe
  • Ana chats with the group and is pleased that they share her passion for traveling and even photography.
  • wild i happn to like it too, though im no good at it
  • and travel, but we all kno that, thats y we r here lol
  • I love photography, i'll show you guys some of my photos sometime
  • OMG!! no waay, me too! I love photography, thinking of getting a new camera next year, any suggests?
  • Ana is excited to go on this trip with the new group of people she connected with.