Great Gatsby storyboard
Updated: 1/3/2020
Great Gatsby storyboard
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  • Chicago
  • New York City
  • The New York City party was a low grade and messy party compared to Gatsby's party or the East Egg party. They were all drinking illegal whiskey or liquor. There was also alot of trashing going on and overall just a trashy kind of party.
  • Nick Carraway was born in Chicago. In his early years he went to Yale University, an Ivy League school in Connecticut. His family has been in the Middle West for three generations and his family also are the owners of a hardware business. Nick told his parents that he wanted to go East to become involved with the bond business.
  • East Egg
  • East Egg is located next to West Egg but they are very different locations. East Egg is old money which basically means that people from East Egg have been rich for generations. In this scene, we see Tom's party that he threw. We see how classic the home and furniture is and how rich they really are.
  • West Egg is the people who recently came across large portions of money, where East Egg are people who had money for generations. West Egg is basically a newer East Egg, the houses aren't as classic as East Egg and the parties are more wild; unlike East Egg where the parties are classy.
  • The Valley of the Ashes
  • The Valley of Ashes is the broke side of New York City. In this scene you see how terrible this town is. Everyone and everything is black and grey from all the dust from the work that is being done there. Also in this scene we will meet Myrtle, Tom's girlfriend, and find out where she works.
  • Gatsby party was held in West Egg and when he has parties they are massive, everyone from New York comes and parties. The party was way more chaotic than Toms and 100 times more people showed up
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