Cinco de Mayo
Updated: 5/9/2020
Cinco de Mayo

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  • Hola
  • I'm good thanks for asking. Did you know that today is Cinco de Mayo?
  • Hola! How are you?
  • Cinco de Mayo is a celebration to celebrate the people of Pueblo defeating France.
  • But why were they fighting France in the first place?
  • No. What is Cinco de Mayo?
  •  The French attacked the city of Pueblo with troops three times the size of Puebla’s.
  • Well, after the American/Mexican War, Mexico was in great Debt to France and Great Britain and they refused to pay for two years because they didn’t have the money.
  • Ooooh what happened next?
  •  Nope. They were actually farmers. That’s why Cinco de Mayo is a holiday, because they beat the French with a much smaller, much less experienced army.
  • So that was the end of the war?
  • But Puebla’s troops were trained, right?
  • No. The French came back eventually, and took over the city, but after a few years, the people of Puebla fought with the help of the Americans and took back their city because France didn’t want issues with America.
  • So now everyone in Mexico celebrated Cinco de Mayo?
  • Adios!
  • Actually, only the people of Puebla celebrate it and Americans.
  • Wow, I never knew that. Thanks for telling me. Adios!