Governments response to covid 19 storyboard
Updated: 5/19/2020
Governments response to covid 19 storyboard

Storyboard Text

  • Hi i am a Nurse i work at a hospital. Right now the government gives us special equipment to be safe and to be protected from people who have the virus. The government is giving money to hospitals for the treatment . Also it helps uninsured patients. Us nurses have to be careful when taking care of patients. Nurses are the most vulnerable to infection because of their physical proximity to patients. Most nurses have children and have no child care at home.
  • I am a Cashier i work at a Grocery store. Right now the government is rising prices on food and items. Toilet paper , napkins, meat and cleaning supplies. Some items are running out and not everyone is getting what they need. The items most sold are hand sanitizer, cleaning wipes, hand soap and tissues. People are using self checkout and paying with debit/credit cards to avoid contact with cashiers.
  • I think the government should be paying the nurses more because they overwork and take care of lots of patients. Government should appreciate nurses more The government should keep the hospitals clean especially during this pandemic. Have more cleaning supplies.
  • I think the government should lower the prices on food and cleaning supplies during this pandemic.