English project

Updated: 10/13/2021
English project

Storyboard Text

  • Says
  • Wh-who said that?
  • Thinks
  • ''Why did dad kill mom, who is the voice, how do I save mom and how did we go back in time by jumping in that well?''
  • Effect on others
  • ''Ok ok geese''
  • ''Stop messing with me''
  • Haru is really scared because he thinks that someone is in his house and he wants to defend it. He is scared but at the same time brave.
  • Actions
  • ''Be careful''
  • Haru is shocked and confused. He wants to know what happened happened and he cares for his mom and clearly wants to save her. He is now caring person.
  • Looks
  • Haru is a scary person when he gets angry. Perhaps when he starts yelling he can make people do things for him. He seems like an intimidating person. 
  • The end
  • How am I going to save mom.
  • Haru and Alex walk very carefully so they don't get caught. Haru is probably a very cautious person.
  • Haru wears a lot of black and grey. He does not have a great sense of humour and he may be going through depression.
  • Haru decides that he is going to help his mom and find out why his dad killed her.