MyPlate Story

Updated: 10/1/2021
MyPlate Story

Storyboard Text

  • We are fruits! Our nutrients makes your skin healthier!
  • I'm an orange!
  • I'm a lemon!
  • I'm an apple!
  • I'm a strawberry!
  • I'm an onion!
  • I'm a pepper!
  • We are vegetables! Our nutrients help you grow throughout your childhood!
  • I'm a tomato!
  • I'm a broccoli!
  • I'm popcorn!
  • We are grains! Our nutrients help your body convert food into energy!
  • I'm bread!
  • I'm rice!
  • We are protein! We help your development throughout your childhood and teen years!
  • I'm fish!
  • I'm beef!
  • I'm turkey!
  • I'm peanut butter!
  • I am cheese!
  • I am pudding!
  • We are dairy! Our nutrients helps your bones stay strong and sturdy!
  • I am milk!
  • I am ice cream!
  • We are apart of the MyPlate World!