Path to the Revolution
Updated: 10/26/2020
Path to the Revolution

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  • The French and Indian WarDuring this war France and England were fighting for land. At first France was winning until England suddenly took a huge leap, suddenly they had won!
  • The French and Indian War (Pt2)Once England won, the French surrendered all of their land to England and France. Spain took everything west of the Mississippi and England took the east.
  • We'll take everything on the east side of the Mississippi and Spain can have the rest!
  • Alright England. You win. France surrenders. Take America!
  • The Proclamation of 1763The Proclamation was put in place after the French and Indian War, when colonists were moving out into their new land to try and settle. They faced a conflict when they met the Natives Americans. So that they wouldn't end up fighting with them, England put an imaginary border and said no one could cross and everyone already there had to move.
  • This is SO unfair! Why do we have to leave?
  • It's because the English government passed the Proclamation.
  • Now anyone who's on the west side of the Appalachians has to move!
  • The Boston MassacreAlthough only five people died during the Boston Massacre, it is still considered a major part of the US' history. It started when a group of colonists began to throw sticks, snowballs, and stones at a squad of British soldiers. The soldiers, therefore, retaliated by firing at them, killing five colonists.
  • OH MY GOSH!!
  • The Boston Tea Party (1773)The Boston Tea Party was the result of the Tea Act that the British imposed on the colonists. A group of colonists banded together and dumped about 342 chests of tea into the Boston Harbor (about the same as a loss of about 1 million U.S. dollars.)
  • The Intolerable ActsThe Intolerable Acts were a set of five acts set up for the colonists in response to the Boston Tea Party. They were meant to punish them after it.
  • Ugh! What in the world are these?!
  • These must be the new Acts from England!
  • These new acts are insane!
  • They are INTOLER-ABLE!
  • The Battle At Lexington And ConcordThe Battle at Lexington and Concord was fought on April 19, 1775. Tension between the colonists and England had already been rising, when British soldiers marched into Concord to capture an arms cache. The colonists fought back and even though they lost the battle, the British had major losses themselves
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