Jake Walker- Comparing Greece and China

Updated: 5/14/2020
Jake Walker- Comparing Greece and China

Storyboard Text

  • Ancient Civilizations ComparisonsGreece v.s China
  • The ancient greek empire spread from modern- day greece to parts of italy. They had a lot of natural borders, like mountains, seas, and cliffs. They were seafaring people. They would trade expensive minerals with other countries By sailing to those countries.
  • Geography
  • The ancient greeks were a polytheism. This means they worshipped many gods. They thought the gods were one big family and the gods would protect them if greeks treated them right.
  • Religion
  • The ancient greeks were very famous for the athena parthenon, a big temple for her, to honor her. They also made a statue of her holding the goddess of victory, Nike.
  • Art and architecture
  • Political
  • The ancient Greeks looked up to the gods for assistance. Most of the city states were peaceful, but some were government city-states.
  • Economics and Social Structure
  • The ancient greeks were very Smart on how they used their resources. They traded minerals like gold and Lead for money. Their currency was a golden coin called a drachma. Their social structure was divided into three parts; The rich, middle class, and slaves. The slaves were owned by the city.